Lil Yachty-Teenage Emotions

Lil Yachty, aka Lil Boat  


There was a time Rappers had to be tough to be successful. 50 blew up after he got shot 9 times, Gucci murdered a guy, shit even Kanye rapped a whole song with his JAW WIRED SHUT. Having fun wasn't really encouraged, you had to pay for fun with BLOOD.

Not today, Rappers eventually got happier and I think extacy and the growth of the internet during the mid 2000s helped a lot. Everyone was just happier and able to distribute music from the safety of their own home  

Lil Yachty really is who every rapper wants their child to grow up to be, carefree and happy. If a rapper really came up in the struggle and wants to create a better life for their child, the child should show signs of this comfortable life. Lil Yachty does that.

Lil Yachty basically raps with White Privilege; he's optimistic, he's not lyrical nor tries to be, but he still believes he deserves success.

A perfect example of this is that Lil Yachty rapped "she blow that dick like a cello" then said later "that was my A&Rs fault, he didn't correct me" AND STILL DIDNT MAKE A CORRECTION TO THE BAR. How bold do you have to be to make a blatant mistake and offer no solution?  White man bold.

Teenage Emotions is the music you listen to before you decide to wear sneakers with no socks. Like you don't need to worry about shit man, things will work themselves out.

This is the album of the summer between high school and college, whole futures ahead of you and that girl you always thought was out of your league keeps liking your IG pics.

Yachty has great energy with mediocre musical ability. It's like he's selling shit sandwiches with a giant smile on his face. That's the album, a shit sandwich made by an adorable child, all you can do is take pretend bites til he turns his head and toss it on the roof.

I give this album 2 tropical starbursts out of 9.