Blood Orange-Freetown Sound


A lot of people reached out to me about Blood Orange. I had no idea who or what they/he/she? were/was. I felt like old people when they first heard the Migos, "is it a group or a person?"


I'm honestly still not sure, but what I can say is that I listened to their album Freetown Sound. And now I totally see why everyone told me to listen to it.


This is unadulterated high level black hipster music. Now I retired from being a hipster when I got a job and my metabolism slowed down but I can still appreciate the culture. Blood Orange fits that aesthetic well, it's like the soundtrack to buying Plantains at Whole Foods.


The music is really solid. It's kinda like if a couple of the Jackson 5 escaped Joe's wraith, got therapy, Xanax prescriptions and started making jams in their Brooklyn loft. There's a lot of levels and influences in it. I like it.


Also there's a really cool subtle black/feminist pride vibe throughout the tape. It's very much like "we're cool, we're laid back, but don't get it twisted niggas is still angry" This is a tape you listen to after you take a date to a BLM rally and hold her as you reflect on the change coming to the nation. In other words, it'll get you in them woke girl draws.


I think the only downside of this album to me is that it's not rap. Like at ALL, I can't get jiggy with this Shet. In a certain place and time, this would be the soundtrack to my life. But as long as I'm still buying shoes on eBay or waiting for girls to text me back, I don't think I'll come back this too many times.


I give this 7 American made Dashikis out of 10.