Hey! Let's get to KAYTRANDA's album 99.9%


To be honest I have no idea who or what Kaytranda is. It's sorta like how no one knew if the Migos were more than one person. Either way this is a change of pace for me. I'm usually busy vicariously living through trap memoirs of niggas with the courage to tattoo their faces. So with this in mind it's gonna be a little difficult to really review this but I'm gonna sip on a mint julep and try.


This is a solid producer tape. And j love producer tapes, they're like comedy showcases, no one has too much pressure to perform and I'm pretty sure everyone got paid in studio time. 99.9% has mellow yet otherworldly beats and guest appearances from a variety of artists. You'd hear this playing in a unisex bathroom in a juice spot that sells acai bowls. It's refreshing.


The guest verses are all amazing. Vic Mensa damn near steals the show and that's surprising to me cuz I've hated him for a solid 9 months. Anderson Paak is great on this too, he sounds like Kendrick Lamar if he was on anti depressants. The album plays out like a party that you don't know how you got invited to.


The vibe created by this tape is incredible. You know all the restaurants and lounges that they go to in Love and Hiphop Atlanta play this music through their speakers when they don't have to stage a fight between Joseline Hernandez and *insert name here*.


This is some shit you play before you go to an art gallery to show your artsy tinder date you have depth. She'll be impressed and put it on her tumblr page. Trust me fam. 


My biggest problem with this album is that it ends. I want to live in this dreamscape forever. This is a magical world where the sun is always shining, the Hennessy is always privilege and niggas never get gunned down by the police. I give this 9 black girls with Afros and septum piercings out of 10.