Kevin Gates: Isiah Review

So this Kevin Gates album,


If you don't know Kevin Gates he's a  rapper that sings sometimes much akin to Drake. Actually Kevin Gates might just be gangsta Drake. Like Kevin Gates is who Drake would've been if he signed to Cash Money in the 99 instead of the 2000s.


Got that image in your head? Now add a rap sheet and an affair with his Cousin. That's Kevin. Islah is his debut album.


Kevin Gates aka Lucha Brasi, is a crazy person, his songs go from absurdly gangsta (one song he claims to beat a chick up just to go to jail to beat up her brother) to romantically filthy (you're the only one my dick can get hard for). At first it's pretty weird how explicit he can be but then you find out he's half Puerto Rican and it makes perfect sense. It also works for Brasi cuz he's really really talented. He can sing the catchiest hook (2 Phones) with a very hypnotic flow, alllll while rapping his ASS off. Kevin is one of the few rappers who can rap about anything clearly and effectively; you will always see his perspective.


This isn't always a good thing.


On the song Truth Kevin breaks down why he kicked a girl in the chest at a concert. The song starts with him stating "I will not be disrespected, by Nigga or Bitch" and it goes downhill from there. Now I wanted to be like "well maybe he's gonna rap about gender norms and how he was sexually assaulted"  but then he kinda just..didn't.


Overall this album is really good. I've followed Kevin Gates career for a while, his Over/Under Fader interview is the funniest interview I've seen since Webbie on the Breakfast Club. Kevin Gates is a crazy, intelligent, cousin kissing, booty eating, anti vaccer, but above all he's a good rapper.


I give Isiah 8 court ordered anger management classes out of 10. #IDGT