Flatbush Zombies: 3001 A Based Odyssey

I'm not a huge FlatBush Zombies fan; I always thought they were weirdos and probably smelled like a used sporting goods store. They weren't really on my radar. 

But when I woke up and Tidal reminded me they dropped a tape today, I decided to give em a look. And I'm really really glad I did. 

This is one of the most fun tapes I've ever heard. This is what happens when The Diplomats meet the GraveDiggaz. This group is legit. 

The Flatbush Zombies are what happens when rappers actually do all the drugs Future claims to do, then head into the studio. 

These guys are rock stars, after two tracks I had to find a pair of Chuck Taylor's to wear, it just felt right. 

But onto the album, these guys can really rap. It's a little bit druggy, a little bit street, but a whole lot of great. It feels like being on stuck on Q train with no line up and a shitty pair of headphones from Duane Reade; you feel the angst but you'll be alright cuz your homie just got an eighth and some xans. 

Their punchlines hit hard as much as they sting and resonate, they have the touch of an experienced Dominatrix. "Call me Conrad Murray, cuz I kill Mikes" 

This might be my favorite album so far, I can't recommend it enough, I'm already looking for Tickets for their next show in Boston. I give this 19 loose cigarettes out of 20.