Macklemore: The Unruly Mess I've Made

Ok here's my review of Macklemore's new album:

Calling it "The Unruly Mess I've Made" was an interesting choice because he could've easily called it "No Shit" cuz everything he raps about is pretty obvious. 

"White privilege is bad" 
"The media lies"
"Going to the Gym is hard" 

Macklemore raps like he just watched the Wire for the first
Time in 2016 and wants us all to know how great it is. 

Beyond that, Mack can rap, like in the actual act of rapping he's pretty solid granted he only has like 3 flows, plus Ryan Lewis is an amazing producer. That can't be said enough. 

But something nags throughout the whole album, it's not his privilege, but his assumptions on who's listening to music. Like Macklemore seems like the kind of guy who's voting for Bernie and tells you about all the great things he's doing for black people to convince you to vote for him too. 

Also at one point he awkwardly brags "all the white guys go to the barber and ask for that Macklemore haircut" no Macklemore that's the Hitler youth haircut, it's weird to brag about appropriating Nazis. 

But overall it's not a terrible album just no great. I'll give it a 3 awkward white handshakes out of 5.