Danny Brown "Atrocity Exhibition"


It took me a long time to figure out what exactly Danny Brown is. He was an enigma to me; I couldn't understand. And then I realized he's Andre 3000 if he did drugs, lots and lots of drugs.

Remember how I said Travis Scott's album didnt make drugs sound fun? Well Danny Browns is like the sequel that comes out 10 years later. Danny gets high but doesn't like that he gets high. He's tried to get sober but he can't, and it'd be sad until you realize he is AMAZING at doing drugs. Some people just have a knack for it. I tried Molly once and cried for 3 days, this guy does Molly to run errands.

But this album is more than just drugs, this is an album about Dannys state of mind, he's seen a lot in his life. He's been to jail, sold crack, lost and gained teeth, but now he's trying to figure out what his purpose is. He's battling depression and isolation and it's kind of sad but his high pitched voice and frantic sounds like the rap version of Dr Frink from the Simpsons.

Though the subject matter is dark, Danny is not defeated. He knows

His life is a mess but he also knows that he's got a way with words and a work ethic that will keep him from the abyss. It's pretty cool.

This is the album to listen to when you're hungover and need to find motivation to get through the day. Like everything is still spinning, you feel sick your stomach, but once you get some electrolytes in you everything will be ok.

Actually, Danny is like the rap version of electrolytes, I don't know what exactly he does, but he offers exactly what you need to get through a tough time. That was a pretty weak metaphor I'll admit but right now this albums got all my attention.

This album is crazy, sad, hilarious and hypnotic. I'm definitely gonna listen to it over and over again so the replay value is off the charts. I give Atrocity Exhibition 9 Narcotics Anonymous Meetings out of 10.